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PI 101, Module 7: PI Advanced Search

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Oct 1, 2012
Advanced Tag Search allows those who prefer a SQL Query syntax to find the tags they need.  In certain circumstances it can be more specific than the Basic Search.


Note:  Only the AND operator is supported by default. To use the OR operator select the text and enter it manually.

Some applications will use different formats, but they all accomplish the same functions. For example, the Tag Search function on PI WebParts (formerly RtWebParts) is based on different web architecture and thus looks slightly different.

Look at Point Attributes Using a Common Dialog Window

The way we collect, aggregate, and store data is all determined by a tag’s configuration – called tag attributes.  Ever wondered how to actually see the tag attributes?  Simply open a tag search, find a tag, and click Pt.Attr.


Review Questions


In the previous module you searched for tags in your PI Server.  Conduct the same search for some of the tags that you work with and open the Point Attributes.  Examine the values in there, such as the point creation date.  How many years of data do you have in the PI System for the processes and equipment you work with?

Congratulations, you finish another Module and you are close to the finish line.  Go to Module 8 or back to the Workshop Outline.


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