Element Relative displays and defining a default element

Discussion created by bhiggin2 on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by mariamp
I am using PI perfmon to monitor my IT network (servers, switches, etc) and I have a very nice ProcessBook graphic a high level view of the network with some basic info coming from PI.

I built an AF db to alow me quickly build these servers and set up PI Notifications in AF to monitor the health and send out notifications when an exception occurs.  All this works very well but what I am looking to do is to build one Element Relative Display (ERD) in Process Book which I can click on from a button representing a particular element on the high level display and it will automatically set the ERD to display the element selected.

The question is I suppose is, is it possible to send a 'parameter' to an ERD in Process book in order to populate any trends of data points with the attribute data from the required element.