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AF access rights

Question asked by Asle Frantzen Champion on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Asle Frantzen

Hi there community!

I have a challenge I need to find the answer to, regarding access rights to AF in PI System Explorer.

I have a scenario where certain power users should be able to add/edit/delete values from a few AFTables, containing lookup values for a calculation. I've tried adding this user specifically to the AFTables in question, giving Read/Write, but with no apparent effect. I also tried including the Admin option but still nothing.

I then tried adding the user specifically to the AF database, giving Read/Write, Read/Write data, and even Execute and Admin, without succeeding.

Eventually I added the user to the administrators group of the server hosting AF (i.e. full admin rights), and then turning it the other way around by denying Write/Write data/Delete/Admin rights to the Element templates I want to "protect", but that doesn't seem to work either. My, now admin, user can still edit everything, even if I got a warning saying something about giving more restrictive rights.


Can anyone suggest a way where I can give edit rights to certain items in AF, like AFTables and a few element attributes, but still keep my templates untouchable?