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Learning Lab - Quality Control Report Part 1

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Oct 17, 2012
Problem Description

As the person in charge of the quality control of the process, you want to easily identify when specific characteristics of the process exceed quality threshold values. The process you analyze takes place in seven (7) phases. During three (3) phases of the process, the monitoring of physical characteristics is critical at the phase change; these phases are Phase1, Phase3 and Phase5. The physical characteristics give indication of the quality of the product made in the reactor.

The physical characteristics are the electrical conductivity which is measured by the expression: 'BA:CONC.1' / 100 and the temperature is measured by the expression: 'BA:TEMP.1' * 10. The threshold value for electrical conductivity should not overcome 0.45 Siemens/cm, and temperature in the reactor should not overcome 500 degree Celsius.

Also, it is necessary to determine the conductivity and temperature maximums of the day and find when these values occurred.

You need to build your report to make it easier to analyze in a short period of time. You decide to put red visual indicators when threshold values are exceeded and blue indicators when everything is normal. You need to be able to locate any high values of the day using the MS Excel Conditional Formatting.


We will use the Compressed Data function with a filter expression to retrieve when the different critical phases took place during the day. The filter expression will contain many criteria tied together with an OR logical operator.

The Archive Value function will be used to retrieve physical characteristic measurements as the phases change. We will use the built-in PI Advanced Calculated Data function to show the conductivity and temperature peak of the day. Use MS Excel’s Conditional Formatting to get a quick view of your performance.  You can complete this learning lab using your production environment and a template located here or you can use the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment. The Virtual Learning Environment is a working PI System that allows you to learn and test hands on all of the OSIsoft applications.

When completed the report should look like the picture below:


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