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Learning Lab - Advanced Calculated Data Part 1

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Oct 17, 2012
Problem Description

As the section head of a small sawmill, you are responsible for the quality and the quantity of board produced.  You wish to create a PI DataLink report to help your weekly analysis of shift performance.

BA:CONC.1 represents the length of board produced, and each archived value represents another full board.  Boards fewer than 5 feet in length are considered scrap, which means they should not be included as production.  Accounting has determined that scrap production costs $2.00 for every foot. The plant starts up on Monday at 8:00 am and goes idle at 4:00 pm on Friday.  Shifts are 8 hours long and run 24 hours per day.

Produce a report for last week, by shift, of the following:
  • The number of boards produced, excluding scrap;
  • The average board length produced, excluding scrap;
  • The cost of scrap.


We will combine a number of functions in the Advanced Calculated Data.  We want to determine for a given interval, how many events were archived event (a board being produced is an archived event), the boards’ average length (using an event-weighted expression), as long as they were over a certain length.  Afterwards, we’ll run a calculation to determine how much production was lost to scrap. All of this will be done per interval, which this time is our shift schedule for all last week.


You can now proceed to Part 2 of this learning lab where you will find the step by step instructions.  You can complete this learning lab using your production environment and the template located here or you can use the OSIsoft Virtual Learning Environment. The Virtual Learning Environment is a working PI System that allows you to learn and test hands on all of the OSIsoft applications.  Once you complete your report, it should look like the picture below.