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Learning Lab - Advanced Calculated Data Part 2

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Oct 17, 2012
Welcome to Part 2 of this learning lab.  After reading the lab descripiton in Part 1, you can proceed with these step by step instructions that will help you complete the lab.

Step by Step Instructions  
  • If you are using the Virtual Learning Environment open the template C:\Labs\Visuals\Advanced Calculated Data\Workspace\Advanced_Calculated_Data_Template.xls, otherwise download the template from
  • here.          
  • For the produced board length (feet) tag, enter
  • BA:CONC.1 in cell B4.          
  • For the start time (cell
  • B5), enter monday-7d+8h for Monday of last week at 8:00am, the time the plant started up.  (Why do we not use monday+8h?)          
  • For the end time (cell
  • B6), enter saturday-8h for Friday of last week, the time the plant shut for the weekend.  (Bonus: why wouldn’t we enter friday+16h?)          
  • For the shift length (cell
  • B7), enter 8h.  This will be used as the time interval for the expression evaluation.          
  • Enter the filter to use in calculations involving only good production, i.e. boards with length greater than 5 feet.  The filter will be:''
  • BA:CONC.1' > 5          
  • Calculations involving only scrap will require a different filter.  The easiest way to do this will be to enter in cell
  • B10 the filter will be: ''BA:CONC.1' < 5

  • Enter a dollar value for the cost of scrap (cell
  • B12).  According to the problem definition, the cost per foot of scrap material is &#036;2.00.     
  • Look at the result of the formula in cell
  • B13.  This is an MS Excel concatenation which will be used to calculate the value of the material lost to scrap, in other words all the boards less than 5 feet in length.     
  • Next, with the cursor in cell
  • A16, select PI > Advanced Calculated Data.  To fill in the various boxes, use these guidelines to calculate the total number of saleable boards produced:     
  • With
  • PI Tag option selected, reference to the appropriate cells for the Tag name, Start Time, End Time and Time Interval.     
  • In the
  • Filter Expression field enter reference to cell B9.  This will limit the count of saleable boards to those above 5 feet.     
  • We are performing a
  • Count of events that have been written to the server, so set the Calc. Mode to count.  The conversion factor must, therefore, be equal to 1.     
  • Set
  • Expression Sampling to pt. compressed.  This will assure that only the archived values are counted.     
  • Since we are looking for the total number of boards produced, select
  • event-weighted in the Calculation Basis field.     
  • The first column (Column A) of the spreadsheet will serve as our shift end times and therefore we will want to check
  • show end time.     
  • Press the
  • OK button to view the results.

You can now go to Part 3 for the last part of the lab.