Videos for OSIsoft's AMI Solution (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)

Discussion created by scollins Employee on Oct 18, 2012
OSIsoft Learning released a set of videos on how we apply the PI System to an Advanced Metering Infastructure (AMI) solution. We want your feedback on them! All feedback is welcome (including positive comments ;) ), and we're especially listening for two things:
  • Requested Topics you want to see as videos
  • Feedback on the
  • Presentation Styles of these videos

Allow me to expand on Presentation Styles: These AMI Videos feature Animated Explainations, which aim to keep the learner engaged in a casual, approachable manner. Did you enjoy watching? Did you tune out while watching? Were the videos too long, rushed, or just right? Background music is making a debut in our videos too! I included links the same videos with and without music. What do you think?

Let us know - We're listening!

OSIsoft: Overview the PI System AMI Solution
OSIsoft: PI Tag Creation in the PI AMI Architecture: the PI Server
OSIsoft: How Meter Data Flows in the PI AMI Architecture
OSIsoft: Billing & Control in the PI AMI Architecture: the Enterprise Gateway
OSIsoft: Creating Assets in the PI AMI Architecture: the PI AF Server

Full Playlist:

With Music:

Without Music: