Finding the Most Recent Timestamp of a Specific Event

Discussion created by kpfonten on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by NisHansen
I know that using PE sytanx I can use the "FindEq" function to return a timestamp closest to the starttime within a range.  But what I really need is to find the most recent timestamp which would be closest to the endtime within a range.  I am aware that the "PrevEvent" function returns the time of the most recent event, but this is too general. (If a tag becomes "questionable", this is considered an "event").  What I am looking for is a combination of both.

Specifically, I need to know the last time our emergency generator was "on".  Once I have this timestamp, I can then determine the length of time it ran and how much propane was used.  This will help with our maintenance schedules, estimating how long the generator can run on a full tank, and knowing how long it has been since a generator has run which are all important to us for emergency preparedness.

Is there something I am missing or a function that exists that could solve my problem?


Kevin F.