Pablo Benvenuto

Learning Lab - Build a Simple Web Part Page Part 2

Discussion created by Pablo Benvenuto Champion on Oct 24, 2012
In Part 1 of this Learning Lab you created a new Web Part page.  We will now add and configure a PI Gauge web part.

Adding a PI Gauge Web Part

Get back to the OSIsoft Learning Labs Site.
Select the Edit Page option in the Site Action menu.  The menu is located on the upper left side of the page.
Notice the left and right web part zones containing Microsoft web parts.


Click the Insert tab under Editing Tools and click on the Web Part icon.
Select PI WebParts under Categories and the PI Gauge under Web Parts.


Place your cursor under the picture and click on Add, the new web part will show up on the page.
On the PI Gauge title bar, click the drop down menu and select Edit Web Part.
Click the Tag Search icon from the Selected Data section of the configuration pane.


From the “Select PI Data” window, select the Tag Search tab, type cdt* in the Name mask textbox and click Search.
Click the cdt158 tag from the Search Results section of the window.
Click Add to add it to the list of selected tags.
Click OK.
Uncheck Dataset Name and Title from the Legend section of the configuration pane.
In the Zone and Scale section, change the Zone 1 Color to SkyBlue and its Percentage Zone Setting to 40.
Select Zone 2, change its color to PowderBlue and its Percentage Zone Setting to 20.
Select Zone 3, change its color to Gold and its Percentage Zone Setting to 40.


Click OK.
Drag the PI Gauge web part to other parts of the page, such as above the Shared Documents title.  Bring it back to the right column below the picture.
Click the Save and Close icon from the top left corner of the page to get back to the View Mode.


Now that you have added a PI Gauge, you can move to Part 3 of this Learning Lab.