Exception & Compression Videos Posted!

Discussion created by scollins Employee on Nov 15, 2012
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OSIsoft Learning released two new Exception & Compression videos last week and we want your feedback on them.  These cover the exception and compression sections of our classes in greater detail.  and we're especially listening for two things:
  • Requested Topics you want to see as videos
  • Feedback on the
  • Presentation Styles of these videos

Allow me to expand on Presentation Styles:  These Exp & Comp Videos are Concept Videos, in contrast to the step-by-step walk-through videos we've been releasing recently.  To evade Death by PowerPoint I aimed to keep the topic moving and use markup on the screen, and offered a 'Quick Summary' version for those who just want the overview.  Did you get what you expected based on the title?  Did you leave more confident than you started?  Did you tune out while watching? 

Let us know - We're listening!

OSIsoft: Exception and Compression Quick Summary
OSIsoft: Exception and Compression Full Details