Processbook: Make a lookup in Excel

Discussion created by NisHansen on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by IanF

Hi Processbook specialists :)


Can anyone help me with a quick guide in making a lookup in Excel 2010 from Processbook PI-tag?


I have a TAG there shows my Productnumber. In Processbook I wan't to show what the produktname is.


In excel I have 2 colums:

Column 1: productnumbers

Column 2: productnames


Now I want to show in Processbook the Productname from Excel what I am producing.


In Processbook it will look like this:


Productnumber: 321222221 (This is from the TAG I have)

Productname: JohnDOE (This is a lookup in Excel from the productnumber TAG)


Hope anyone can help me with a good solution :)