PI Event Frame Generator Videos Posted

Discussion created by scollins Employee on Feb 19, 2013

OSIsoft Learning just finished a set of videos on the new PI Event Frame Generator Interface!   Interested in trying out the Event Frame Generator, but don't know where to start?  The tutorial included in the EFGen download is an excellent starting point.  We've included time-stamps in the video description to help you navigate the videos.


Installing and configuring the PIEFGen Configuration Tutorial will give you practice and experience with creating and triggering event frames in the PI System. The examples include downtime events, temperature excursions, and hierarchical batch events. To generate event frames, PIEFGen requires trigger tags to be defined in the PI Server. In the examples, simulation type tags are used to create the necessary data.
This tutorial is found in 'Appendix A. PIEFGen Configuration Tutorial' of the PI Event Frames Generator (PIEFGen) User's Guide Version 3.0.0.x
OSIsoft Learning Channel Event Frame Playlist: