Open a Display (pdi) in a. PIW with vba

Discussion created by Petroman on Apr 20, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by Ahmad Fattahi
     Friends, I am trying to use the method:



to open a display that is in my PI ProcessBook (using vba), but I could not, I've read and searched, I have tried in various ways and I could, always gives me automation error.


I tried in this way


Dim d1 As Display
Set d1 = Application.Displays.Open("D:\Carpeta\Sub Carpeta\MiProcessBook.PIW!AB", True)


and this one

Set d1 = Application.Displays.Open("D:\Carpeta\Sub Carpeta\MiProcessBook.PIW!AB.pdi", True)


and many other forms but no, I have not been able


please if someone could help me