Updating Values

Discussion created by SulaimanAshraf on May 7, 2013


I am working on PI Processbook. I have a Dataset which calculates the amount time a tag is outside the limits by timegt and timelt functions. Now, I have created a combobox which asks user two options whether user wants to calculate that time for one day or one week. I have two datasets for each options which calculates time for both cases. Now in VBA I look into which option a user select in combobox and I want to assign corresponding Dataset result to Value object according to whatever a user selects, whether its 1 day or 1 week, which doesnt happen. My question in brief is, Is there a way to assign a VALUE object the value of of any of the two Datasets according to the need of user through VBA, If not, than how it can be done easily in PI Processbook in terms of objects and VBA codes. Will be grateful for the help here.