Totalizer Tag, ExcDev and CompDev

Discussion created by ulrick65 on May 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2013 by drabinowitz

I am new to Totalizer tags.  I have created a totalizer tag that is totaling flow on a daily basis.  This works fine and does exactly what it's supposed to.  However, since I have it ramping (which I want) I am getting way to many archives from the tag (the sourcetag samples every 10 seconds).  Setting ExcDev and CompDev is easy enough (and works), but since the flow moves around a lot I was getting archives at random (I could live with it).  But I wanted to simply set it up so that I would get an archive every 30 minutes (regardless of what the value is).  I assumed setting ExcDev to 1 and ExDevMin to 30, along with CompDev to 0 I would achieve the result.  However, setting the Exdev minimum to anything does not seem to work...I continue to get archives every 10 seconds.


Do totalizer tags ignore the ExDevMin or ?


(edit) - I did notice that setting CompDev minimum to 30 minutes achieves the result...but why not ExDevMin?)