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Alternate way to identify Installation ID

Question asked by James Devine on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by dlee

Hello Fellow PI Geeks:


I am working through a troublesome issue with the PI MDB to Preparation Wizard with the greater objective of upgrading a server to PI Server 2012 SP1 (3.4.390.16 x64). In order to fix it we need to identify the server's Installation ID. I have determined one can look this up easily in PI SMT by going to [Operation]->[Licensing] and then under the <> element you look for <>. This is all well and good if you have recent versions of the server. A user will customarily see a long number here to match the Server # where a PI System Administrator can generate a corresponding .msf file at In this particular case I am seeing an Installation ID of "PI-ENT-SRV-2K-BA_SQC" so we are unable to connect the dots so to speak. There is no corresponding Server # on matching this "old school" installation id.


Question: Is there an alternate method to look up the numeric installation id for this server? perhaps a piconfig command or something "old school"?