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use the PI AF automatically publish the calculation value to PI

Question asked by Charles Zhang Champion on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by Dan Fishman

Here is my case,


I have a few tanks which need to calculation its material mass. I had created the AF template and element for them. Use the data reference function, I could calculate the material mass and volume. In previous AF (1.x), I know it has a function of automatically run the case analysis. This means it could publish data to some specific tags. In the current version PI Af 2010, I want to use it to publish back the result to PI system. I know the case analysis could be configured as perodic.


My question is ,

1. what else add-in of AF is required to accomplish this automatically publish function?

2. Is that possible to publish the data with a specific timestamp? Say the same timestamp to its input PI tag.


Thanks in advance.