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Excel PI Datalink - how to leave no data as blank instead of interpolated value

Question asked by Rendez1 on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by Jarita Sirois

Dear Teachers,


Please help me to find the simplest way to do this.


I need to list the data from manually logged tags so they all can have one timestamp column on the left but do not interpolate when there is no data and leave it as blank.


in this case all tags are not compressed and saved every 1 hour or 4 hour manually.


The example below shows that tag #1 and #4 continuously recorded every 1 hour, while #2 and #3 recorded every 4 hours, but at the time there were no data, they were interpolated (yellow highlighted).


I am not familiar enough to use filter expressions or any other means to be able to list them without interpolation and leave no data as blank.


Can you suggest what can I do with PISampDat or PICompDat function to generate this table with the yellow part blanked ?



Thank you in advance.

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