Pi Calculation for Bar Graph in VBA

Discussion created by mizelly41 on Jan 16, 2014
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I am trying to set up a bar graph through VBA that uses a Pi Calculation as the Tag.  I have already set up the Pi Calculation in the datasets window.  It is just a simple percentage calculation based off a tag.  I have set up bar graphs in VBA with normal Pi Tags with no problem.  I have also set up Value objects with a Pi Calculation with no problem.


When I try to set the bar graph up, I get "The value format is incompatible with the specified tags."


OUTLETTEMP is the name of the Pi Calculation.

Sub OutputBarM()

Dim OutputBar As Bar

Set OutputBar = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolBar)

With OutputBar

    .Name = "OutputBar"
    .SetTagName ("OUTLETTEMP.Value")
    .BackgroundColor = -1

    .FillColor = 65280
    .Orientation = 1
    .Height = 539
    .Left = -14797
    .Lower = 0

    .LineColor = 0
    .ShowScales = False
    .Start = 0
    .Top = 14000
    .Upper = 100

    .Width = 101
End With

End Sub