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PI 2012, AF and EFGEN on Same Server

Question asked by ulrick65 on Feb 16, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by ulrick65

I have PI 2012 with AF installed on a single server.  We use EventFrames for production tracking (creating say 100 events a day, each with 25 attributes...but we will be expanding that considerably as we add additional event frame based products/solutions).  I also have EFGEN running on that same server. 


The hardware is a Dell PowerEdge R520 with an E5-2470 processor (2.3GHz).  It has 8GB of RAM (which currently shows 768MB available at the moment).


Currently we only have about 1500 tags or so.  My plan is to expand that to say 5000 over the next year or two.


My questions are:


1.  Does this seem like a bad idea to have it all on the one server?

2.  Assuming I wanted to change that now...are we talking major surgery to setup a 2nd server with SQL Server on it and move AF to it...then move EFGEN off to an interface node?