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AF SDK doesn't work with PI buffering

Question asked by marinko.jovanovic on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by dendres

Hi all,


I've tried to find the answer of my question in many places (this forum, tech support website, etc.) but couldn't find it.


I'm using PI Server 2012 set up as a PI Collective, and I came across a problem when try to write data to PI Collective using PI buffering Subsystem.


I've installed PI AF Client 2012 SP2 on my client machine, and in my code I'm using methods from OSIsoft.AFSDK.dll to save data to PI Collective.


I've read that new AF SDK doesn't support buffering...("The .NET 4 AF SDK does not support buffering of PI Server data writes nor direct fanning of data writes to PI Server Collectives.") and that Buffering of PI Server is scheduled for a later AF SDK release.


I've also read that users who need to write data to PI Servers should use .NET 3.5 AF SDK, with buffering enabled. Where can I found .NET 3.5 version of AF SDK?


Is there any other workaround to solve my problem? I must use AF SDK. With PI SDK, everything works fine.