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Help with Performance Equation Recalculation

Question asked by TerryLaundos on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by jagdish.konathala

Hello folks,


I need a little help with pirecalc.exe.


I have a PE named PE-CALC-TEST with this expression:

IF TagVal('PE-CALC-TEST', '*') = 0 AND TagAvg('MONITORED-TAG', '*-3m', '*') > 34 THEN 1 ELSE IF TagVal('PE-CALC-TEST', '*') = 1 AND TagAvg('MONITORED-TAG', '*-3m', '*') < 34 THEN 0 ELSE NoOutput()

The goal of this equation is change himself based on MONITORED-TAG. And seems work fine to me.


But.. I need to recalculate my last month for this condition and in my mind use the

pirecalc.exe /execute=PE-CALC-TEST,"01-jan-4","01-feb-14"

would  solve my problem but the archive values does not update.


It is a problem with my PE or with the way i tryed use the pirecalc?


Thanks a lot.