Cyber Security Below the Internet

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Hello PI cyber buffs,


Are you ready for the PI User Conference?


The week is packed with a full spectrum of technical advancements and use cases with PI. You'll want to especially keep tabs on PI interface and connector developments and plan your cyber security initiatives for PI accordingly.


"Raise the IQ of Your Data Sources with Intelligent PI Connectors" is on Wednesday.

...This track session is a must see. Security is baked in from the start in our new line of connectors.


Cyber security breakfast is on Thursday.

...We have a few tables reserved. Come chat cyber over coffee with our security champions. 


"Introduction to PI Interface Security" on Friday is a 200 level workshop.

...Mike Lemley guides you into a deep dive on Windows service hardening that you can use right away.

...Tony Cantele will provide you insight on an important new whitelisting feature.


Mandiant's Chris Sistrunk recently commented "we've got to mow the back yard".  He was refering to industrial data collection systems and related communication protocols.


I agree, and if you do too check out this teaser prezi: "Cyber Security Below the Internet"


We've got some good things happening on PI interface and connector security!  I hope to see you at the UC.