digital point is bad when opc interface startup

Discussion created by cxfdsis on Apr 8, 2014
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sorry my poor English

i have a opc interface,opc server and opc interface use MatrikonOPC Tunneller,ICU is the default configuration,

when i restart icu every time,digital point is bad ,and i should edit the configuration,such as location,or  instrument tag(

This line is changed to blank, then add configuration)then digital point is 0 or 1.What's the problem cause?

My location 2 is 2 ,location 3 is 1, location 4 is 1,location 5 is 0,and I also tried polled, location 2 is 2 ,location 3 is 0, location 4 is 2,location 5 is 0,The problem still exist