Snap to grid issues

Discussion created by wbraithwaite on Jun 7, 2014
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Hi guys,


I am having some trouble with building a GUI in PI. It is quite frustrating that, despite the relative sophistication of the tool and what I am trying to express with it, I am falling down at the simplest of hurdles.


The GUI I am trying to make involves lots of interlocking modules. For argument's sake imagine a simple tessellation. Each module is made up of a number of lines and squares grouped together (using the group tool). Whenever I move these modules in order to slot them together on a grid, they pop out of the grid itself.


That is to say, if I am using a spacing of say, 10 units; when I move the module it keeps snapping to a grid, but this grid seems to be some fraction of a single unit out of alignment with the grid sitting on the plane. This means that, should I have to ungroup a module to make an adjustment, individual elements re-align with the grid plane some fraction of a unit out of sync with the rest of the module. Making it look...off.


Bafflingly, this same issue will occasionally turn a straight line which is part of a grouped module into a somewhat skewed line.


The attached file shows a snapshot of the problem.


Many thanks.