Stop OPC interface from sending data when OPC server reads "No connect"

Discussion created by caffreys_col on Jun 9, 2014
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Hi everyone,


Is there anyway to configure the OPC interface such that if the data in the OPC server reads "no connect", that I don't get PI data showing "no connect"?


To explain; we have some vibration monitors which are connected into a Moores Industries multiplexor. This is connected to a PC, where some bespoke software calculates the RMS value for the data. To get this into PI it is converted into an Excel sheet, which is then linked to OPC Datahub as a DDE link. OPC DataHub then acts as an OPC server to the PI interface. Since I updated the OPC interface, the link to the Excel sheet and Datahub drops out (the Excel sheet closes which breaks the DDE link, which causes the OPC server to read the data as "no connect", and that is what PI picks up).


I've tried to get the people who look after the vibration data (and hence the Datahub program) to revise their software routines, but they are not interested at the moment. Te issue is adding an extra events to the PI archive every week (from my calculations its about 7 million events), hence why I am asking if there is anyway to ignore data which reads "no connect".