Reducing Processbook Refresh Rate

Discussion created by Triavati on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by rkoonce

I am fairly new to processbook and VBA, so bare with me here. I've repeatedly encountered a problem where my screens do not refresh. I have several screens that I'm using as templates/references for this new one I'm creating. Each of them run through their VBA code once every 5 seconds. My new screen, however, only runs through the code once upon startup then stops until I run the code manually. I've scoured the code in all of the template screens, and there is nothing in the code itself that would create this 5 second refresh. I've even copied the code directly from a template and tried to use it in the new screen just to prove that's not the problem. I need this constant refreshing to pull current weather maps from the internet and to do some heavy calc work. Any ideas?