Display file, based Element Relative Tags, propogation of element across multiple displays files

Discussion created by OriginBrett on Jun 16, 2014
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I have a project that has the similar or same configuration across hundreds of sites.

Because of this I have created a ProcessBook display based on Element Relative Tags, where I select the "Element of Interest" and so all of the values for the site (Element of interest) are displayed as values or  displayed as trends in the confirgured display file. If I only have a single display file, when a different element of interest is selected, all of this values change to be sourced from this site and it works well.


However, if I create a new display file, with further detail about a part of this site and I add a button on the original display file to open this further detail, a user then has to select the correct element of interest in the new file, so it will show the information about the element of interest.


I can see how these buttons and other displays work with raw tags.

I did try to see if AF2 tags would help in this situation but did not have any luck there either.


Is there a way, so that once an element of interest is selected, this selection will propogate across other files opened from this original display file?

Or is there a different way of doing this?

Or is there different PI tool that I should be using?