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TagTot as event-weighted. Is it possible?

Question asked by leonardopscruz on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Kenneth_Barber



I need to sum some values in a period in expression. So, I'm using the TagTot function like this:


tagtot('my_tag', 't', '*')


In this period my tag has this values:


30-jun-14 01:00:001500

30-jun-14 02:00:002500

30-jun-14 05:00:006000



The problem is that I realised that the 'tagtot' function is time-weighted and my tag is an event-weighted. Because of this, the result of the tagtot is not right (1776,205). Using datalink (calculated data > total) I could see that if I use the event-weighted the result is right (10000), but if I use time-weighted the result is the same of the tagtotal (wrong result: 1776,205).



How can I make tagtot becomes event-weighted? Or, How can I sum values of a event-weighted tag in a period?


Thanks in advanced.