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PI OLEDB and ConCat

Question asked by HenlodeWaal Champion on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by HenlodeWaal

I need to create a dynamic Curve expression in PI OLEDB. I've been able to get the normal expression working using b6.expr = 'Curve(15,(0,0)(20,5))' which give me a value of 3,75. This is just a simply example to test the expression. The value 15 will be a different value each day and this I get using another query. I tried using the Cocat function but I'm loosing the battle here. The idea here is that we calculate the average valve position and map that to a determined curve to calulate the flow. In Excel we have it as


="Curve("&D24&",(0,0)(5,4.81)(10,9.615)(15,14.42)(20,19.225)(25,24.03)(30,28.835)(35,33.64)(40,38.445)(45,43.25)(50,48.055)(55,52.86)(60,57.665)(65,62.47))" where D24 is a cell reference to a normal average datalink calculation.


I thought it would be simple as ConCat('Curve(',15,"(0,0)(20,5))'")