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i am wondering about the polyline function.
My questions are:
1) why does ProcessBook create 5 points by default  when a polyline is created?
2) how does one remove/create points of a polyline?
the .count parameter seems to be a read only parameter
below is my attempt.
Sub CreatePolyline()
    Dim iPolyline As Polyline
    Dim j As Integer
    j = 1
    Set iPolyline = ThisDisplay.Symbols.Add(pbSymbolPolyline)
    With iPolyline
        .EnableScript = True
        .Name = "Polyline" & j
        .Left = -14849
        .Top = 14328
        .BackgroundColor = -1
        '.Endpoints.Count = 1
        .Endpoints.item(1).X = -14800
        .Endpoints.item(2).X = -14800
        .Endpoints.item(3).X = -14800
        .Endpoints.item(4).X = -14800
        .Endpoints.item(5).X = -14800
        '.Endpoints.Insert(item(6), -2, 2).X
        '.Endpoints.remove (.Endpoints.item(5))
        '.Endpoints.remove (iPolyline.Endpoints.item(5))
        '.Endpoints.remove (.Endpoints.item(5).X)
        '.Endpoints.remove (.Endpoints.item(5))
    End With
End Sub
'"vba watch" was used in conjunction with the following code to sort of figure out stuff
'break was placed at msgbox statement while stepping through
Sub whatIsIt()
    Dim mine As Polyline
    Dim b 'As Variant
    Dim d
    Set mine = Me.Polyline1
    Set d = Me.Polyline1.Endpoints
    'Set b = Me.Polyline1.Endpoints.item(1).X
    'Set b = Me.Polyline1.Endpoints.Item(1).Application
    'Set d = Me.Polyline1.Endpoints.Item(1).Parent.Item(1)
    'MsgBox Me.Polyline1.Endpoints.item(1).X
    'MsgBox Me.Polyline1.Endpoints.item(2).X
    MsgBox "test"
End Sub
any insight to this would be appreciated