Question on Trust setting for PI Collective

Discussion created by SuhailiSunar on Aug 15, 2014
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Helloooooo all....

I am so used to single PI server, but relatively new to PI Collective.. The following is taken from PI document...

Any configuration changes can only be written to the Primary Server of the collective, where a configuration change log is maintained. Periodically the Secondary Servers review the change log and update their configuration data accordingly. If the Primary Server is down, configuration data cannot be changed and the user attempting to make changes will be given an error message. In the event that the Primary Server cannot be restored or the time to restore it exceeds acceptable time-frame, there is a simple manual procedure to promote a Secondary Server to the Primary Server role.

My question is, In single PI server, i create Trust directly using PI-SMT. My understanding for Collective is, i only have to configure  Trust on Primary Server only. The Secondary is smart enough to duplicate everything. Is that true?