is there a remove cursor event?

Discussion created by agriego1 on Aug 15, 2014
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I am currently trying to write code for process book that when you add a cursor to 1 of 4 trends on a display it will automatically create cursors on the other 3 trends. Also, whenever a cursor is moved, the other cursors associated with that cursor will move as well. I am currently able to do this to some degree.


The problem that I would like to solve is;  whenever a cursor is removed from one trend, I would like the other 3 associated with it to be removed as well.


I know whenever you add or move a cursor the object_cursordrop event is called. My question is;  is there an event or sub that is called when you remove a cursor from a trend? If so, what is called? I would like to use this event to accomplish my goal. If there isn't, is there any suggestions on how I could accomplish this.


I thought about using the mouse out event but I was hoping to find something that would only run when the cursor is deleted.