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PI WEB API 401 error

Question asked by james.todd on Sep 3, 2014
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I'm trying to display PI data in an ASP.NET (C#) site on a flot (3rd Party) chart.


I have IIS installed on a virtual server, with PIWEBAPI installed also. I can browse the PI Web API through the server and I have access so no trouble with permissions.


I'm connecting through a download string of: "https://ochil.pulse.local/piwebapi/streams/P0kbw8-mOkqEm5YsuTg5RZ7gAi0AAAQlJBRVJJQUNIXFNJTlVTT0lE/recorded"


(Ochil being the server, pulse the network)


This is just to bring sinosoid data into a flot chart and establish a connection and verify that it can be done.


my simple code is here:


all the code should do is take the download string and return the recorded data into the flot chart on the application.


I get a 401 unauthorised error with the download string causing the error


Any help would be greatly appreiciated!




James :)