Building Basic Displays with PI ProcessBook November 2014 Run - Videos, Exercises, and Final Project Discussion

Discussion created by atalwar Employee on Nov 6, 2014
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Hi Everyone,


We noticed that a few users had issues accessing the video lectures for the course, so we have now added YouTube links along with the MP4 links for the videos. If you can access YouTube at your enterprises, you can directly click on a link to view a video. If however, you have YouTube blocked, you can watch the MP4 as well.


Additionally, I have created this new topic for discussing the video lectures and exercises as part of the Building Basic Displays with PI ProcessBook online course.

  • Do you have a question or comment about one the videos you watched?
  • Would you like to share an idea you have for one of the exercises?
  • Are you stuck trying to build out a display?


This is the place for you to ask questions, share thoughts, and even answer other students' questions with your own suggestions! Hope that helps!