Printing ProcessBook trend objects - how to hide server name when trend is maximized

Discussion created by gkrueger on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by gkrueger

I'm trying to use some VBA to make it easier for users to print trends from a Processbook display.  With all the different monitor formats these days, it's tough to get a trend that fills a page nicely without lots of blank space.  Also I have some VBA controls on the display next to the trend for simplified tag searching and trend config and I don't want those to appear on the printout.  I wrote some VBA to dynamically resize the display to one with the correct aspect ratio for 8.5x11, maximize the active trend to fill the display which hides the VBA controls, print it, then un-maximize and return display to original size.  This works well except when maximizing the trend, Processbook automatically includes the server name in the tag list on the right hand side and the tag list ends up using ~30% of the sheet of paper. I have the legend set to not display the server name when the trend is not maximized, but it doesn't seem to carry through.  Is there any way to change this default behavior when maximizing the trend?


Also, if anyone has other suggestions for making trends easier to print for end users, it would be greatly appreciated?  I don't see a Trend.printout method in the ProcessBook SDK, just Display.printout which does the whole display including the VBA controls.  If anyone knows a way to directly just print a trend so it is scaled to fit to a 8.5x11 sheet, that would be very helpful.