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AF SDK TimeOut Issue

Question asked by mark.arrowsmith on Nov 21, 2014
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I am working on a custom .NET application (Windows Service) that uses the AF SDK (PI AF Developer Tools 2014 R2 v.  to query AF/PI and save data into SQL Server on a polling schedule, however sometimes the queries seem to lockup/timeout - no timeout or other exceptions are thrown - the call just seem to hang.


I have tried setting the PISystem.ConnectionInfo.TimeOut value to a low value (e.g. 2 secs) and nothing seems to change in the AF SDK behaviour.


I have looked in PI-SMT Network Statistics and the process seems to be working correctly... no errors are showing for the connection.


If an exception (TImeOut or otherwise) were thrown, I could at least handle that - do some recovery and try again.


Has anyone come across this before and found a solution?


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