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SSO, downloads and a few other PI Square comments

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Dec 16, 2014
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A few questions regarding the new community:


1. I notice the single sign-on isn't working when I navigate from the community to the techsupport site. I hope this is going to be fixed?


2. Maybe a PI DevClub specific question, but I can't find the downloads section (CTP's, templates, etc.). Is it still here?


3. Are there different kinds of blogs in the Jive environment? I have a blog from vCampus, but when I open my profile it says "This user doesn't have a blog"


4. When opening the People section there's no way to navigate more than one page at the time? There's only a "next page" link, not a "last page" or any indication of how many pages there are.


5. Already emailed OSIsoft about this, but IE-users be aware: Clicking Ctrl Z to undo something in your post deletes all text