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    PI web api licensing


      Hi, Just a generic question,


      Does PI web api require any additional licenses to be purchased?


      Cheers, Neil.

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          Hello Neil,


          As with other PI Data Access methods, a PI System Access (PSA) license is required to cover runtime usage. PSA covers all active Data Access methods like AF SDK, PI SDK, PI OLEDB, PI OLEDB Enterprise, PI ODBC, PI JDBC, PI Web Services and PI OPC DA/HDA Server. Please talk to your account manager for additional information.

          The new forum platform (Jive) is one of the first steps within this transition process from vCampus to PI Developers Club which is not yet fully completed. Currently vCampus program is still active but supposed being replaced by PI Developers Club program. Your subscription to vCampus includes the development license as your PI Developers Club membership will do.

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            Ahmad Fattahi

            Adding to what Gregor said, PI Developers Club membership provides you with all development tools and support you need to build your application (see PI Developers Club FAQ). To deploy and use what you build in a production environment you will need a runtime license (currently known as PSA).


            FYI we are in the process of reviewing access and licensing model to our development technologies. The idea is to lower the barrier to develop applications based on our newer, more efficient, and more secure technologies. Stay tuned!