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How to insert new value through AFSDK

Question asked by alkarim.samji on Dec 17, 2014
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I'm trying to insert a new value through the AFSDK on a PI point data reference. The value, even when specified at a different timestamp is replaced by the SDK. I'm aiming to have a new value inserted. Here's a code snippet:


OSIsoft.AF.Time.AFTime Timestamp = new OSIsoft.AF.Time.AFTime(DateTime.Now);

AFValue AV_BadCount = new AFValue(BadCount, Timestamp);

if (e.Attributes["Bad Count"].RawPIPoint != null)


     OSIsoft.AF.PI.PIPoint.FindPIPoint(e.Attributes["Bad Count"].RawPIPointPath(AFEncodeType.Name)).UpdateValue(AV_BadCount, OSIsoft.AF.Data.AFUpdateOption.Insert);




     e.Attributes["Bad Count"].SetValue(AV_BadCount);



Any help would be appreciated.