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anyway to list all the posts made years ago with SSO account which is currently inactive?

Question asked by Daniel Takara on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by Daniel Takara

Hi everybody,


The homepage of the profile I currently use in the community is, which is linked to a corresponding OSIsoft single sign-on (SSO) account.


Back in 2011, when I was an OSI employee (and a member of the vCampus team), I used another SSO account named "dtakara" which seems to be linked to the profile whose homepage is


Is there anyway to search/list all the posts I made with my old "dtakara" profile (whose corresponding SSO account is inactive)? When I type the keyword "dtakara" in the search box on the top right corner of the community website, just a single result is returned (a vCampus webinar about PI Coresight where I was the host). I expected the posts in the vCampus forums with my old "dtakara" profile (like this, for instance) to be listed as well.