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    JDE and PI AF





      I wonder if someone has managed to export assets hierarchy exist in JDE and import in AF.

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          Marcos Vainer Loeff

          Hello Denis,


          I am supposed you are referring to JDE as Java Development Environment. In order to integrate Java with the PI System, there are actually 3 options for PI Data Access products: PI JDBC, PI Web Services and PI Web API. The problem is that since you want to be able to modify the AF structure, you won’t be able to use PI JDBC or PI Web Services since those products support read-access only for the AF hierarchy.


          Therefore, using PI Web API is an option although the methods of this product are limited at this point. Nevertheless, the new release 2015 will come with more methods available.  You need to study which methods you need and check if PI Web API supports it.


          The second option would be to develop a Java application that will export your assets to an XML file that will be imported by PI System Explorer.


          The first option is simpler but the number of methods are restricted at this method. The second option requires more time and effort to develop, but you have the ability to set up more option regarding the database creation.


          Hope it helps!

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            Denis:  Which module in JDE are you referring to - Plant and Equipment?

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                The Table to integrate is F1201 and the fields are

                Faaapid  this is the Maintenance module field

                faasid is the parent

                Fanumb es the asset number

                In this integration the equipment master file shall be the domain, so the update is in this table but no in AF

                I don't have integrated ERP with PI-AF   but I have been integrate with Condition monitoring with measure points. From PI feeding the equipment unit for maintenace preventive.

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                  Gopal: Equipment!