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How to I get the Point ID in the SDK?

Question asked by andrew_Inwood on Dec 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2014 by andrew_Inwood

We have an application that imports PI Data.  The application is based on having a set of (configurable) PI tags to read, where the PI tags are defined via their tag name.  We had an event where someone decided to go through our PI Instance and standardize some of our tag naming conventions, which unfortunately broke the link to the app, and the app stopped working (it was looking for tags that no longer existed).  We have somewhat resolved to prevent this happening again through management of change processes, but I wanted to discuss other solutions.


In the old PI API, you had to find the PI PointID in order to retrieve tag info / values etc.  While it added another step to retrieve the PointID from the tag name, use of the PointID is actually quite robust because it is invariant:  People can edit the tag names, units etc, and the PointID doesn't change.


In the SDK, values etc are retrieved from the tag name direct.  I don't see an easy way of getting the PointID from the tag name (and vice-versa).