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    How to use RecordedValues


      I can not find any document about this function.

      When I use pipoint.RecordedValues(aftimerange, AFBoundaryType.Inside, "", true);

      It can not retrieve any data. But I can retrieve the data using management tools.

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          Dan Fishman

          Please open AFSDK Programming Reference (%PIHOME%\Help\AFSDK.chm), select the Index tab and type "RecordedValues" as keyword to find the method.  You can also check out the OSIsoft.AF.PI namespace, look for the PIPoint class and then expand the methods to find RecordedValues.


          If you don't find AFSDK reference help file installed, please visit OSIsoft Technical Support Download Center, download and install the latest version of PI AF Developer Tools.

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              Eugene Lee

              Hi Dong Liu,


              Here is an example in C#


              PIPoint pt = PIPoint.FindPIPoint("\\\\servername\\cdt158");
              AFValues values = pt.RecordedValues(new AFTimeRange("*-10m", "*"), AFBoundaryType.Interpolated, null, true);
              foreach (AFValue value in values)
                              string s = String.Format("{0} \t {1}", value.Timestamp, value.Value);


              where servername is the name of your PI Server and cdt158 is the name of the PIPoint.

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