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PI OPC client / 3rd party OPC server over two LAN Network

Question asked by Mansour2010 on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by caffreys_col


PI server and PI OPC client are installed in the same machine with IP: Mask: while 3rd party OPC server is installed on different LAN with IP: Mask:

I used Ping command line to check the network connectivity but there is no response (time-out). there is a windows XP workstation with two Ethernet adapters one of these Ethernet adapter connected to LAN and the other is connected to LAN, when I ping from this XP workstation I can get the response from each network.

my questions:

1-how to establish the connectivity between PI OPC client and OPC server over these two LAN networks? did I need a dedicated router or I can use XP worstation?

2- if I used XP workstation shall I configure DCOM setting in this workstation?

3- is there a software in the market to act as a router / gateway between these two LAN?