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PI ACE dll - debug to release mismatch

Question asked by shankar.ecgit on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by shankar.ecgit

Hi PISquare Members,


I have written a couple of ACE calculations which calculate total coal consumption using a for loop running 6 times.


There are two problems I am facing :


1) Whenever I make changes to the code, it does not seem to get applied. I usually test the calculation via ACE Wizard, and assume that it gets applied into the release dll.  However it was not the case. Hence, I renamed the "Release" folder to "Release_Old" and after that, I used ACEWizard to Test (hence build) the dll, and after doing that, the changes made to the code started getting applied.


Is this behaviour normal, how do you apply changes to code, and deploy them, do you build a new dll, by renaming the "Release" folder everytime the code changes? .. or is this something one off that is happening.


2) The other problem I am observing is - PIACEPoint.Value(timestamp) does not seem to pull the correct value at timestamp... and it happens only on the first run, For eg. If I am trying to pull a value of a tag at 12:00:00 yesterday (not the EXE time) .. it does not get the right value first time around, but when I debug it or when I recalculate, it works correctly.... Is it possible to know how PIACEPoint.Value retrieves data from the archive, and how to ensure that it is correct.


Awaiting your replies.


Thank you.