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Archive Analyzer

Question asked by cjrancur on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Eugene Lee

I am still using the older PI ArchiveAnalyzer from DevNet (this was from before vCampus and PI Square), in order to identify Pi tags that report too frequently or too infrequently to the archives from the real-time queue.  This was a really nice Excel app that ranks PI tags by rate of archiving, so that tags with compression set too high or too low could be identified and fixed.  I still use it to find tags that need to be modified so that most of my tags provide enough historical data without saving so much noise that the historian archives fill up with junk data. My general rule of thumb is that reporting more than once/minute on average over a week is too often, and reporting less than once per 8 hours (except for setpoints and things expected to be constant, is probably too infrequent.


Do others still use this application, like me? Or have there been newer versions of this older app written in ACE or using AF?