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    Download trial software


      Is the free download still available on vCampus  (PI Square)

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          All downloads have been moved to our main Tech Support page (techsupport.osisoft.com).

          What are you looking for?

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            Hello Chuck,


            vCampus was (is) a subscription based online offering. Access was only possible for subscribers (and OSIsoft employees). With the new PI Developers Club offering we allow public access. A Single-Sign-On (SSO) account is required to participate in discussions but anonymous authentication includes read access.

            Existing subscriptions to vCampus have been turned into PI Developers Club memberships as one of the first steps in the transition from OSIsoft vCampus Program to PI Developers Club program. This transition is ongoing - not yet completed.

            As mentioned by Lubos the bits included with a vCampus subscription have been moved from vCampus Download Center to Technical Support Download Center. PI Developers Club downloads are available to PI Developer Club members (and OSIsoft employees) and belong to one of the benefits (personal development PI System) included with a PI Developers Club membership.

            For additional details, please visit the PI Developers Club FAQ document.

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