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OLE DB Enterpries / Event Frame Performance Testing

Question asked by mark.omeara on Jan 8, 2015
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I have some shift time based event frames  (i.e. one frame every 12 hours) configured. I have quite a few attributes configured in the event frame most of which are PI Point references (mainly value at start or end of frame or delta for the event frame period).


I have a view configured in SQL Commander of the transformed (pivoted) event frame which works rather well, however it is quite slow for larger sets of data. For example if a return the current weeks worth of data then the response is reasonable, however do a month or year then it is significantly slower (may be up to a minute). If I had the same data in SQL tables then the response would be a second or less - yes I know this is an unfair comparison given what PI is doing - but to the user it is the response time that matters.


So my question is, are there any diagnostics in SQL Commander or elsewhere that can breakdown the query and determine, attribute by attribute, the performance impact? Something similar to the query analysis possible in MS SQL.

I would really like to know, what processing impact each attribute contributes to the overall event frame retrieval in SQL.


Any thoughts?