Forced to create a new community user due to a defective user migration process into pi square platform

Discussion created by AntonioPena on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by Jarita Sirois

i would like inform all comunity users that i have been forced to created this new user ANTONIOPENA because my old user APENA joined with email doesn't work due to a defective user migration process

It happened last 22th December when i tried to login in the new community user pi square and it was refused. I informed to  osisoft customer service and they created the issue OSIsoft:0057509163 but it still has not been solved.

i have decided to create a new user because i need to use this powerfull tool as pi community is although i have missed my old profiles data, previous questions and answers, and my pi community history .

My case hasn't been a punctual error because I have colleagues in my company which have the same trouble with their users. I hope they will get a solution.

i am still creating my new profile so sorry for the inconvenience.